Slow Internet Connection In The Philippines

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The internet connection in the Philippines ranks one of the lowest in Asia, even here at our place, the speed is so different from what is advertised like when you subscribe into a plan that has a speed of 5 mbps but in reality it only has a speed about a hundred kbps (kilobytes per second), another worse thing is that its so expensive and the service of the company (PLDT) is quite disappointing,

The main reason why Filipinos are paying more for slower internet connection compared to other countries is because PLDT acts as the country’s own backbone, able to control all the flow of internet traffic from Philippines to the outside. ISPs are also required to pay PLDT for using its ‘fake’ backbone instead of relying to real backbone service providers like PACNET to properly handle the data exchange for this country."

The lack of competition in the telecommunication industry leads to bad economic and social consequences, such as crappy services, lack of innovation and service improvement, expensive products and/or services, lack of jobs, and corporate arrogance, among many other things that would not make any Filipino happy except the oligarch that is responsible for such monopoly. 

PLDT may use everything in its power to oppose and brainwash people in believing otherwise but it all boils down to who gets to gain more from the situation. We are not fools that can easily be bought by the marketing gimmicks of "free" and "unlimited" promos, or the many CSR activities supporting foundations, charitable institutions, or NGOs. 

The government is fully aware of the situation yet it does not have the will power to use its authority to bring down, or at least moderate, this greed.