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The ZALA family Need your support to stay in Australia

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The ZALA family Need your Support to stay in Australia

My name is Krishnakumar Singh Rajendrasingh ZALA and this is my story , I am married and I have 2 children both born in Melbourne Australia,Aaryan Age (7 Years 8 Months) and Shaurya( Age 1 year 9 months ). In November 2005 I came to Australia on student visa. Since arrival, I always been dutiful, hardworking and law-abiding residents of Australia,

I have been living here legally and actively contributing to Australian economy by working and paying the Tax for last 12 years!!

My family have struggled for last 12 years, trying desperately to call Australia home and live here permanently.As I have exhausted all options to stay Now I make the final plea to reconsider my visa application . My family, who is now fighting for their last chance need your urgent help and support.

I still have full right to stay in Australia until 13 January 2018,but if my visa is not been granted by Government then will all due respect I will have to leave this Beautiful country  Voluntairly on 13 January 2018. A humble request to all if you can please sign my petition.

This can only happen with YOUR HELP !!

I studied certificate iii in Retail baking Cake and pastry & Diploma in Business management from Melbourne college from April 2006 to January 2008 .During that time I satisfactory completed my 900 hours of voluntary work experience in Bakery which was required for my TRA (Trade Recognition Australia) Skills Assessment.After getting Successful skill assessment and state nomination sponsorship , I applied for Permanent Resident visa 886 in July 2008.. My life was on hold for long period of time for more than 6 years to get answer from Immigration and I got refusal in December 2014 and then I appeal to AAT and Federal circuit court but I was not successful, and I can not apply for any new visa Onshore.

My future was uncertain and I don’t know what to do?

TRA & State nomination of Victoria both of this are government body and they have done their checks before they have given me approval of my TRA and Vic state nomination sponsorship.

Despite all my effort to let my family live in Australia, i have not been given a fair go.

The college where I completed my certificate iii in Retail baking cake & Pastry, the Main teacher who conducted all the Theory and Practical Classes throughout my course was found guilty by court of issuing more than 700 false work experience letters to other international students. This occurred long after I had completed this course.

Why should my family & I be punished for something that I was not part of ??
How is this fair ?

In addition there was emergency in September 2016 because close family member was seriously ill and we all 4 family members went to India. On return from India on
6 th July 2017 Myself wife and elder son return back to Australia.However Younger son doesn’t have the visa to return back to Australia to live with us and he is now living with our parents in India. My younger son age on that time was only 16 months old ,Unfortunately current Immigration law visa was not possible for him to return Australia. Little boy is still living with our parents in India.

All of us are suffering,knowing that our young son had to remain in India with parents. My family is going through a lot of stress,as in the last 6 months since July 2017,we are living without our little boy. We are suffering with depression.

We need your urgent help & support.

In particular, now it’s impacting my elder son who is currently a student at our local primary school in grade 2.He has made many friends in school and wishes to continues his education to secondary school and beyond.
It will be difficult for him to start the new school in different country with different language ,it also will be extremely difficult for him to adopt a totally different way of education.

Australia is land of opportunity and there are lots of scopes for better future for myself and my young family.

Please think about my young family future and consider the amount of time I have already spent in this country,

My case is exceptional and please sign my petition and show your compassion.

 Let’s show the government that it would not be Australian to punish someone for no fault of their own.

Support my family and show them Australia is a country of justice and compassion.


Krishnakumar Singh R Zala & Family


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