Help Reunite Detained Children Separated from their Families

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The separation between parents and their children due to migration is a very big issue. Many of the experiences that child migrants face includes trauma, dislocation, and family separation being a leading negative outcome.

Especially in the U.S., many families are separated due to the Trump Administration’s “Zero Tolerance” Immigration Policy. This policy was made for the intention to prosecute the people who were caught illegally entering the United States. Soon after the policy was announced in April of 2018, unauthorized immigrant parents were being criminally prosecuted and were separated from their families. Around 3000 children were separated from their parents.

After children are separated from their parents, many of them become detained. Immigration detention is the policy of holding individuals suspected of unauthorised or illegal entry until immigration authorities make the decision to release them into the community. In most cases, the stays are temporary, just until a family member or guardian can be identified to pick up and care for a child or teen while immigration proceedings play out. But in some cases, kids stay for months or years.

By signing this petition, you are taking action on the wide ranged issue of child-parent separation due to migration. It is not fair to the over 2500 children who were separated from their parents to be held in federally contracted shelters under the "Zero Tolerance" policy. That number of children is only a fraction of the total number of children who were actually detained. Children continue to enter these shelters while fewer are leaving them.