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Deport Nazim Uddin Murad for Marriage Fraud

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I am a victim of Marriage Fraud. I got married to Nazim In November of 2013, it was an arranged marriage. He told my family and I that he came to the United States with a Student Visa and to continue his education here. After marrying him, when applying for him I had found out that he didn’t come to the U.S with a Student Visa but with a B1 Visit Visa. The reason for applying for him so quickly after marriage was because he kept mentioning that he needed a social security number to apply for school here. Once I did apply for him he never spoke about applying for schools. Nazim came to the United States in June of 2013. With a Visit Visa, you either get a 6 or 12 months visit, he was granted a 6-month visit. So, for him to stay in this country he made sure that he married a girl who was a citizen within those 6 months and unfortunately that girl was me.

When marrying Nazim he showed how religious and how good of a person he was. That was all fake. He was very controlling towards me. He tried to control my whole life. I wasn’t allowed to go out of the house without his permission. I wasn’t allowed to have any friends nor was I allowed to even go to my own sister’s house. He didn’t let me continue my education. He even controlled what I wore. I felt like I was in jail in my own house. He emotionally and mentally abused me. He had sexually assaulted me numerous times throughout my marriage. Nazim always mentioned how I was his property and that he owns me and he could do whatever he wants to me. He made me feel worthless and always told me that I was good for nothing. He also mentioned how in his culture men are allowed to do anything to their wives. Nazim also had cheated on me while I was with him. He had intimate relationships with two girls and had a relationship with another girl through social media. He made a new yahoo email account and with that email he made another Facebook account under a different name and showed that he lives in California. With the same name, he made a profile on a sex dating site called AdultFriendFinder, on that profile it shows that he lives in Brooklyn, NY and that he’s Bi-Sexual and looking for men, women or couples to have sex with.

Within 4 years of living in the United States, Nazim Uddin Murad already has a criminal background. Back in 2015, Nazim was caught stealing money from his workplace.  He worked at a restaurant called Bismillah Kabab & Curry in Brooklyn. Nazim stole and forged 14 blank checks from the owner and took out $8,500 dollars from a Chase Bank in May of 2014 to March of 2015. He should of been arrested for this but wasn't he was instead forgiven by the Bengali community in Ozone Park, Queens. He was arrested on August 9, 2017 for Unlawful Eviction. I wanted to take my belongings from our apartment but he had changed the locks so I couldn’t get inside my own apartment.

Unfortunately, I have a child with him, my son is 3 years old now. As of right now he is fighting for physical custody of my child. When he found out that we were having a child he was excited for one thing only which was Tax Return Money. He mentioned this many time during my pregnancy. After I gave birth he had no reaction of happiness or excitement or had an affection towards me. He didn’t care for my child. When my son turned two, Nazim started to take out his frustration towards him. He physically hit my sons head and shook him. Whenever he gets angry at me he would bang on the table, slam doors, punches the dressing table and throws whatever is near him. He would do this right front of my son which scared him many times. If Nazim Uddin Muard stays in this country he will eventually get joint custody of my child. My child is not safe with his father.

Nazim only married me for the green card.  He would always talk about when he will be getting his permanent residency, when he’s going to apply for citizenship and right after citizenship he will right away apply for his family members so he can bring them here. All he cared about was his immigration status. I have proof of a conversation he had with one of his Facebook friends who lives in Bangladesh explaining to him of what a Visit Visa is and how he can apply for it. He mentions to the friend that getting a Student Visa is difficult and the TOFEL Test is hard. He tells him that it’s easier to get a green card if he marries a girl from here.

I am petitioning for his deportation. I humbly request the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement to investigate this case and deport Nazim Uddin Murad.



Bushra Choudhury (U.S. Citizen)

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