Applying empathic psychotherapy to the treatment of schizophrenia

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First and foremost let me start by saying that I have never been diagnosed with any sort of mental illness, however, Like most people I know individuals who have been diagnosed with severe depression and schizophrenia. Although I may not be in the same state of mind or fully understand what goes on in their head, I am constantly thinking of ways I can help and reduce their suffering. The reason why I am creating this petition is that people need to realize that MOST mental health professions fail to review and educate family members about the treatments of such mental illnesses. According to these professions, medications are the only form of treatment for some mental illness. To challenge this view  I am requesting that we need to encourage empathic psychotherapy into the field of schizophrenia and other relevant mental illnesses furthermore,  encourage family involvement, support, and understanding to the cure of this alleged mental illness. While medications can reduce the symptoms of mental illnesses, individuals with mentally ill family members will confirm that it is not an effective form of treatment for long-term recovery. My belief is that instead of rehabilitating patients, psychiatrists and psychologists, prolong the journey to full recovery. They provide some patients with unnecessary shocks and medications and in doing so violating their human rights. some mentally ill patients are also subjected to police brutality resulting in them being criminalized.  The reason I state this is because  after 10 years my brother is still being prescribed to take Clozapine,Olanzapine, Resperidonental every night  followed by a needle every fortnight. The administration Of these medications has greatly impacted his social life and chances of success.  He was diagnosed at the age of 20 years old after experiencing the murder of our cousin, it pains me to say that he is now 30 years of age and for the past 10 years he has being living a life in and out of the psych ward and community care units, however, during that time  he was not provided with the necessary therapy treatment or the strength to overcome his illness. He was unable to provide for himself financially as the medication he took kept him in sedated state where he was unable to go out and look for employment or finish his education furthermore, he was unable to engage in basic conversations, and because of this he has lost majority of his friends. Mental Health professions and departments need to understand the damage they are causing within families and that they cannot cure individuals while keeping them in a sedated state.So in creating this petition, I am requesting that department of education and training Victoria in collaboration with Department of health work to redefine what it means to be “mentally ill”. From my understanding Majority of mentally stable individuals experience some sort of loss in their lives too whether it’s losing a romantic partner, friend, parent, job and many more. This does not mean psychiatrists should be quick to Label everybody with a mental illness just because they are seeking help. Everybody copes with loss different, psychiatrists and psychologists need to Conduct more accurate experiments and diagnostic tests to identify and cure mental illnesses. Furthermore  psychiatrists and nurses need to be re-educated and taught that they are not better nor, more mentally healthier than the individuals in which are they treating, they only have a better understanding of previous theories and symptoms of mental health. Like any other field, empathy needs to be applied in the field of psychology. Individuals need to be fully assessed before being Labelled with an illness. These departments also need to stop victimising the victimised by ensuring they educate the patients and their families on the medication in which they are administering to the mentally ill. 

I encourage everyone to work with me so individuals with mental illness and their families can get involved in the treatment of mental health. It’s time to eliminate the negative stigmas behind mental illness.