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Stop salmon snaggers!!

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Every year salmon come up multiple rivers to spawn and every year there are hundreds to thousands of people who illegally snag and keep salmon. All along the american river people snag salmon and rarely get caught, if at all. Nimbus dam is the main spot where people snag salmon and seem to get away with it. I personally have been down at the dam too many times to count and notice the people who snag fish are out at all times but mainly show up near sundown. They sit and watch for wardens and when its just about dark they start casting and ripping either their heavely weighted bead setups(with more than a 4ft leader) or a 1-2oz jig and rip it through the bottom and waiting to feel anything and ripthe line/lure over and over. This is drastically decreasing our salmon population and its a horrible way to catch this magnificent fish. It personally affects me because i have fished since i was about 6 and i have been taught all my life to fish within regulations and be an honest fisherman. Watching what takes place on the american and at nimbus dam it is simply frustrating to see people have no respect for this fish who swims all the way from the ocean to rivers to spawn. One of the biggest issues is when they snag the fish and the line snaps the fish now has been extremely exhausted and stressed out. Regular people abiding by the laws can cast approved lures and end up hooking onto a line with multiple hooks that are stuck in the fish and now the fish get even more stressed for being illegally caught again even though the second person could have been using proper methods. Please sign this petition so Department of fish and game can be more aware of these illegal catches and help save more and more salmon for future years.

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