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Faster Internet Speed in the Philippines

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In this modern world, Internet is a need, not a want. Why? First of all, effective communication. We do not live on a world where snail mails are a thing; today, the faster we could send and receive messages, the better, because time is very important right now. Second, most of transactions happen online. Shopping, banking, you name it! Lastly, we use internet for knowledge. For progress. More people rely on internet for researches because it is more easy to access. Unlike books, where you have to scan manually the whole thing. 

We want to address the repeated disappointments, the false promises of a faster, more efficient, more reliable internet. It is possible that someone is trying to monopolize, but it wouldn't be that big of an issue if the internet (in the Philippines, in general) is lightning-fast. Hopefully, through this, we can solve the conundrum of paying a little bit too much for an internet speed that isn't even worth the money. (Castelo said network in the Philippines is "pricier than those in Japan and Korea" -

Mr. Cu showed us a chart that gave everyone an idea why Internet speeds are so slow in the Philippines, which has some 15,000 cell sites all over the country. In comparison, Vietnam has 55,000 cell sites, Indonesia 76,477 cell sites while Thailand has 52,483 cell sites. Even Bangladesh beat the Philippines with 27,000 cell sites. This means that the work of the telecom companies is cut out for them. While telecom providers are more than eager to build more capacity with more cell sites, they are hostages by the bureaucracy of the local government units, or worse,corruption.

"The Philippines has one of the slowest internet services in Asia, placing 21st out of 22 countries, according to analytics firm Ookla."

We are appealing to the Local Government Units to cooperate with the telecommunications company to build more cell sites. The Local Government must not delay the giving of permits to the Telecoms.

Cooperative Learning Project of the Subject Empowerment Technologies, Grade 11 - Section Provincia Hispaniae, Colegio San Agustin, Biñan City Laguna, Philippines

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