End The Badger Cull Forever

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Your probably wondering why you should care, and I’ll explain why. In the Uk as some as you may know there’s often badger culls, these culls are primarily to stop the spread and transmission of bovine TB.   ( A bacteria that effects cattle) So if it stops bacteria why should we stop it? 

Well, I’ve been doing some research and it seems that the cull has minimal impact on the spread of TB! After the last badger cull, they carried out various blood tests using the money of British taxpayers! So since your paying for the research you want it to clearly show wether they have it don’t  you?  Well guess what, they found out nothing! Badgers that had the disease were killed, and then tested in a lab where they were shown not to have the disease. So what is it, do they have it or do they not? Why should we kill innocent animals if we don’t have enough evidence to conclude that it’s for the greater good!

And if that’s not bad enough get a look at this:

It’s said that around 42,000 badgers are shot, and some farmers were offered up to £50 per kill! Let’s say that’s true that would mean the government would have spent £2,100,000! Surely it would make more sense into putting that money into reaserch of TB solutions instead of unethical and cruel culls across Britain! Please if you can sign this petition to help end this cull in the future! Thanks!