Follow the Guns-Save the rhino

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  • The issue of Rhino poaching has been a big problem for a long time. Multiple organizations, the government and SANParks have been taking action and combating this issue for a long time. But the stats haven't seem to show a big decline. The poachers are part of highly specialized criminal organizations and also come up with new and better tactics. Also, many rangers have been surprised by the poachers firepower and been outgunned. So the question is, Where do the guns come from? This question has been raised numerous times but is often overlooked and South Africa's government hasn't taken necessary action and has mostly neglected the topic.
  • Investigations have been made and guns have been traced from a few countries: the Czech Republic, the United States,  Portugal, Mozambique, and South Africa. If necessary action is taken and the supply of guns through corrupt organizations is disrupted, Rhino poaching statistics would drop dramatically.
  • If you are passionate about Rhino's and support this cause, please sign this so we can gather as much support to put the message out there. I believe a real change could be made if action is taken.