Stop Trapping Wild Parrots for Pets

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Many people won’t know that there were licenses issued back in the early 1990’s in Victoria, Australia, for trapping of wild parrots (mainly Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, Galah’s and Corella’s) for the pet trade. These licenses are perpetual meaning there is no end date for this practice to stop. There are no restrictions on the age of the bird caught - young or old - they will be taken from the wild, their wings will be clipped (or in the cases we’ve seen every feather cut off sometimes on both wings) to prevent them flying. Depending on the temperament of the bird they are either then kept for breeding purposes or sold as pets. As a licensed wildlife carer we see many of these birds come into care whether having escaped from the trappers enclosures or been sold as a pet and dumped by an owner unawares they are buying an instinctually wild bird - little Johnny gets a nasty bite and the bird is booted out to fend for itself. There is enough of a pool of domesticated parrots bred as pets - the wild trapping needs to stop. Wild birds who are trapped are exposed to disease from domesticated birds and stress conditions which can bring about illness which can prevent their rerelease into the wild. If they cannot be rehomed then sadly the end destination for these birds is quite often euthanasia. Please help us send the message to the Minister and regulatory department that this archaic practice should be banished to the annals of history.