Stop the torture of pigs in Red Tractor approved farms

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The Red Tractor label, Britain’s biggest farm-approval scheme, is failing to uphold animal welfare standards and allowing the torture of animals at certified farms.

Red Tractor is only making unannounced inspections to one in the 1,000 farms covered by its scheme.

Last week, a farm in Dunstable was thrown out of the scheme after it was sent footage of frightened animals given repeated shocks with an electric prod. The footage also showed a worked smashing the heads of piglets against a wall to kill them.

This farm, according to The Times, had passed five pre-announced inspections in the past year to support its Red Tractor certification, the most recent being this month. 

Pictures have also emerged of pigs so tightly packed into pens that they are forced to sleep on top of each other. 

This comes after animal welfare activists from the campaign group Viva! Captured filmed a sow being eaten alive by other pigs at Hogwood pig farm in Oxhill, Warwickshire. Campaigners also found animals in extreme distress at the farm, which supplies pork to Tesco.

And yet on its website, Red Tractor claims that:

"Red Tractor farmers care about their animals. We visit every farm and only skilled people are allowed to look after livestock. Our standards mean animals have suitable space, and the right food and water to ensure they’re healthy. Our vets only prescribe medicines when animals are ill."

So far, only chef Jamie Oliver has made a stand against the Red Tractor label, saying he would not feed his children chicken which had been produced under the scheme.

Please sign this petition to show that you believe that this treatment of animals is unacceptable and must stop. The Red Tractor scheme should be held to account for its failure to inspect farms. The whole scheme should then be called into question. How can it continue if animal welfare standards are so flagrantly ignored and consumers are being misled?

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