Firm implementation of the anti-illegal logging in Palawan, Philippines

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Last May 2017, a mining firm at Brooks point town in Palawan illegally cut thousands of trees. Another case of illegal logging also happened last February 2018, wherein trees that were planted due to a log time tree-planting program at the back of Aborlan municipal hall at Palawan were cut without permits from the government. The Ipilan Nickel Corp. (INC) destroyed over 15,000 trees covering more than a hundred-hectare area of natural forest in two of the barangays for its mining operations. The locations of the said trees are supply of town’s watershed breadth of 5 villages. Where they had violated the Republic Act No. 9175 (Chainsaw Act of 2002) for illegal logging. There are still a lot of cases that were reported about illegal logging in Palawan yet only a few to none were solved by the government.

Palawan NGO Network Inc. (PNNI) environmental enforcement work, a government agency that puts their lives at risk in order to save Palawan’s precious environment. Environmental activists are being killed in record numbers with the corruption-plagues Philippines. At the rate of every 12 days in 2016 environmental activist were killed. Ruben Arzaga was one of the land defenders in El, Nido Palawan.  He was shot dead as he tried to approach illegal loggers on Palawan island.

 These trees in Palawan serve us a natural habitat for different species, including those that are endangered. With the continuous act of illegal logging, these animals are losing their homes. Turning a blind eye to this problem, will not only cause increase cases of this act in Palawan, but can also spread throughout the country. Such acts can then increase global warming and floods in the Philippines that can cause huge loss in crops and lots of deaths.



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