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"Preserve the natural wonders of the Philippines"

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I would like to take few minutes of your time to read my plea on preserving the wonders in the Philippines:

As of all you know the Philippines is very rich when it comes to naturals resources and beautiful landscapes. The Philippines is a tropical country which means that there is only 2 types of seasons available in here which is the dry and rainy seasons. Being in a tropical country is perfect for someone who enjoys being out in sun as almost every day it will be sunny but sometimes there will be rain but it will not last that long. A tropical environment is a perfect combination for going to beaches and seeing vast of beautiful scenery around the Philippine archipelago.

But recently, it is sad to know that there's some people who doesn't even care about the environment like for example the issue in the deforestation of rain forest around the Philippines archipelago which not only affects the wildlife but also the whole climate by increasing the chance of global warming to fully destroy the ozone layer, and there also some issues where the people just  don't care where they throw there trash and litters as they just throw it in whatever they see in their line of vision at the moment for example like throwing plastic bags and bottles onto the rivers which in turns pollutes the seas and not to mention the high risk of these plastic materials being digested by several sea creatures like fishes that can also affect our health as we also consume fishes as part of our diet.

The natural wonders of the Philippines is at risk in being destroyed by us in making the place more technology-based for example getting rid of an entire forest to make a more buildings and infrastructures. The rich source of natural resources and beautiful landscapes that was given to the Philippines by mother nature should be well taken care of so that people who lived in the Philippines, people who have visited Philippines, and people who will visit will be able to see the natural wonders the Philippines had to offer. We should also take into consideration that the future generation must also see and experience the wonders of nature. Taking care of the environment today comes a long way that will benefit us and also benefit our planet.

If you've manage read this far, I would like to say Thank you lending me a few minutes of your time in reading my plea in preserving the natural wonders the Philippines have to offer; once again thank you.

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