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Combating illegal logging to promote a greener and hazard-free environment

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Illegal logging is the unlawful cutting down of trees and is very unethically sourced. By merely cutting down these trees without discipline, endangered animals could also be affected. There are so many effects of illegal logging namely; increase case of climate change, flash floods, landslides, extinction of animals, lesser biodiversity, and global warming. Due to cutting down of trees, there will be an insufficient oxygen produced by plants and there will be greater carbon dioxide in the atmosphere resulting now to increase in temperature that will lead to global warming. This petition's goal are as follows: To combat the increasing rate of illegal logging, to maintain a green environment that is worthy of living, to protect endangered animals and also to lessen the cases of climate change. Some are the advantages of this petition namely, to help economically to the society (by implementing properly the rules and regulations specially in exporting and importing woods), to help in terms of ecological systems of the optimal forest management. This petition could benefit in lessening the case of climate change to make its constituents have a healthy living (including animals and other living organisms), to produce a greener and friendly environment for future generations, and lastly to produze a hazard-free environment. As a health science student of University of Saint Louis I would like to create a petition for this for I believe that we should maintain and observe greener and healthy environment for future generations to come and for the betterment of humankind and biodiversity. 

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