saving humans and wildlife is now a crime....Harry Kunz

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please sign this petition,as it's truly unfair for Harry Kunz to receive a fine or have to pay a fee for something that he has provided to the Ravenshoe and surrounding communities for 35yrs at absolutely no cost to help ensure people and snakes alike are not harmed,his expertise in snake removal is in question by city slicker pen pushers who sit in an office all day and have no idea of the real world,Harry has potentially saved hundreds of lives when venomous and non venomous snakes have thought the inside premises of someone's house is a nice place to visit....Harry has a court case coming up very soon and we need as many signatures as possible asap...this is a total injustice of the law and should not be happening...Harry has done this his whole life and I see it as revenue raising and nothing else..why wait until now it makes no sense,so let's get behind Harry and beat these beauracratic arseholes as the government legislation is full of holes and BS....cheers xXxX