Help the blind use currency with ease.

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India is a nation that ranks second in the list of the worlds most densly populated countries out of which a part of this demographic consists of people with special needs. We have the highest population of visually impared people in the world. According to Disabled Population In India Census 2011, out of the 121 Cr population, 2.68 Cr persons are disabled which is 2.21% of the total population. Among the disabled population 56% (1.5 Cr) are males and 44% (1.18 Cr ) are females. 

In Seeing .                 2639028   2394403   5033431
In Hearing.                2678584   2394330   5072914
In Speech.                 1122987   875705     1998692
In Movement.           3370501  2066325   5436826
Mental retardation.  870898     635066     1505964
Mental Illness.          415758     307122     722880
Multiple Disability.   1162712   953986     2116698
Others .                      2728125   2199464  4927589

In the past our blind population use to determine the value of note based on it's size which is amazing by itself but after demonetization and change in the size of notes and it's denomination they have to go through this whole process again of trying to figure what they are paying. In the past the reserve bank implemented marks on the side of their notes to help the visually impaired, but I ask the government how they expect a visually impaired person to see or feel these markings. This can all be avoided with a simple fix. I ask the government to print currency with a Braille indicator embossed in the note so it will help our visually impaired population live life a little bit easier. I ask all Indians to be considerate towards our not so fortunate brothers and sisters and support me in my petition to make India special need friendly.