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Transparency board in every Public School

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As the generations pass by, the Philippines need to step out from its comfort zone. Exploring the unknown world of innovations and outstanding development of the economy and the government. However, in order to attain such dream and vision, one must address the fact that the Philippines suffer from extreme poverty. But to beat poverty, is to develop a productive community and to develop a productive community, is to equip them with wisdom and knowledge through a competitive educational system.

Even though the Kindergarten to Grade 12 or K-12 curriculum breakthrough the barriers of academic and technical-vocational courses and adopt to the 21st Century learning system, it is still a little too early for the Philippines to create an ambiguous decision passing the burden to the next generation. Kindergarten was formally made compulsory by virtue of the Kindergarten Education Act of 2012, while the further twelve years were officially put into law by virtue of the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013. Although Department of Education (or DepED) has already implemented the K–12 Program since School Year 2011–2012, it was still enacted into law to guarantee its continuity in the succeeding years.

However, during those days and as to this date, the capability of the government to implement the desired curriculum still struggle to provide material, facilities needed and the prior knowledge for it to become more prolific. Even with the budget of P543.2 billion for 2017, there were still issues needed to be solved. Here are the examples on where the proposed budget will be allotted:

  • P118.8 billion was meant for basic educational facilities, including the construction of 37,492 classrooms and the provision of 2,942,172 seats 
  • P19.5 billion for the creation of 53,831 teacher positions and 13,391 non-teaching-related positions
  • P14.39 billion for learning resources, such as 55.8 million textbooks and instructional materials, as well as science and mathematics equipment for 5,449 schools

But the issue here is that not all of the proposed projects of the government was met for the expected period of time. Wasting the country’s budget, increasing Philippines’ debt in the World Bank and degrading the public’s trust. No wonder why 22 million students suffer from our corrupt officials.

In order to avoid government officials from corrupting the budget and assure that the proposed funds will be used only for the projects and proposals of DepED, this petition seeks every school to provide a transparency board in accordance to Freedom on Information or FOI bill. For building a better community starts with honest and transparent leadership.

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