Resignation of Mr Rodgers from Bishop David Brown school

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We would like your help to assist in the resignation of our head teacher who has since arrived at the school ruined the previous system of former head master we need all the help we can get to help make the school a lot more safer and enjoyable environment.

He has put more stress on the student's shoulders, adding extra forced lessons forcing students to cancel things such as clubs and other things they enjoy. All teachers are being forced to wear unneeded jackets making them moody and uncomfortable. Sometimes they take this anger out on students. Many students have had mental breakdowns and suffered. Mr. James Rodgers had also stated that he does not care about any of the student's problems or background if they do not reach his expectations he will kick them out. From his previous school, he kicked 11 students from the GCSE program. Please, we wish to have our happy school back. If he is kicking underachieving students some with special needs may be kicked without meaning. Please help.
We wish for him to be fired and have no control over our school what so ever. He's rude and so very self-centered. He has concerned parents and has made the school worse than before. 
We just want him gone basically. He's really not a good head teacher.

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