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Reduce Stress Among Students for Success

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       According to Child Stress, school is the leading cause of stress. Nowadays, students are bombarded with a huge amount of workload required by their respective schools. The pressures of getting top grades, balancing extracurricular activities with studying, and spending time with family all add up. Moreover, they are given more work to finish on weekends which would not allow them to "de-stress" or relax. This also applies to weekdays and it lessens the students’ amount of sleep which stresses them more. Stress does not only affect one’s mental health but it also affects their body and behaviour. According to Mayo Clinic "stress increases feelings of irritability and anger, which increases the likelihood for angry outbursts and social withdrawal." Furthermore, stress could lead to increased levels of illness and infection and generally cuts down on students' happiness.

This petition is for schools to have atleast 1-2 vacant period in a day in order for students to catch up on their homework, check-in with teachers, or just to simply relax. In addition to this, students should not have their homeworks during weekdends and holidays so that they could spend their weekend to their family and relax. Furthermore, there should only be a maximum of 2-3 light activities in each subjects every week, while difficult tasks which require a long preparation and a lot of effort should only be twice a month in order to lessen the stress of students and help them to be mentally and physically healthy and be completely stress-free. 

By simply signing this, you could already make a huge difference for all of this to be possible and to help students with their struggle in school because they deserve to be happy and healthy in school!

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