Making Americans Bilingual

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Most of the countries in the world are multilingual. Despite America being one of the leading superpowers in the world, a lot of the inhabitants are monolingual. Those who are not monolingual are those who grew up in homes with immigrant parents; so they grew up learning both languages. Although there is a foreign language requirement in high school and in college, a lot of people can hardly remember how to introduce themselves in another language. 

What I would like to see is a future where all people in America are fluent or conversational in a language other than their native one. I propose that foreign language learning in schools should be a requirement starting from as early as first grade up until sophomore year in high school. Not only should this be a requirement but the foreign language education should also be effective. In high school, foreign language classes aren't always the best. In fact, they don't succeed in making students interested in learning the language nor do they actually teach students how to communicate using the language. In order to achieve this goal our foreign language education needs to be reformed. 

Knowing a additional language has many benefits. One of those benefits being that it helps fight against Alzheimer's. Another thing it does is that it makes a person a better multitasker. In addition to that, a second language shapes the way one thinks and how they interact with and see the world. Being able to speak more that one language is also beneficial to getting jobs, as well as making connections across the world. This could open up doors to a plethora of possibilities for one's future.

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