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Change in the Education system.

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Why is there a need to kill education in order to revive it?

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In this age of AI (artificial intelligence), we are still banking on theoretical intelligence for our future generation to get a "good" job.

As Seth Goldin said, "We cannot out-obedience competition. Therefore we have to out lead or out solve the other people … who want whatever is scarce." Our competition now, not only is against our own kind but also the artificial intelligence, which is only going to get more intelligent or maybe even more than a human could ever get, and no one knows what the future holds with these AIs sharing our space, our lives and our brains (seemed like a sci-fi fiction movie a year back). The time is not far when you see "Smart Drones" instead of delivery boys.

But what is more worrying is these education institutes reluctance to change them and adapt to the ever-changing purpose of the young. Especially in India, where an unborn's purpose in life has already been decided mostly by their parents and colleges.

There were brilliant thinkers, inventors, doctors, innovators, architects, comedians and talents much before the invention of an education system because of the freedom they had to choose their life path and purpose.

Background: What do we learn in school and why?

Who decides what should be taught to children in schools? Why should children be judged or certified, held back a year or moved forward according to an individual who sees them in a very limited light of a syllabus?

The psychology of getting certified is such that, we have forgotten the importance of learning and only getting a mere certification means the world to us. And this continues as we start progressing in life, we tend to curb our curiosity over getting a certification in some trending hot new software or academic that is supposedly in demand under the impression that it will get us financial stability.

The only good that school teaches us is/are - Language/s.

Reading and writing are the only skills that will help us as individuals and as a community to find a meaningful purpose in future and the present.

Apart from languages, everything that has been taught to us in schools are only in the interest of the county we live in and the ideology governing it, the majority of us will believe in this half-truth since children have this innocent ability to observe whatever that has been taught to them without questioning.

History will change from country to country; Borders in geography will change from country to country. Heroes and villains will change from country to country. It's a war being fought in textbooks by governments. We are told to hate, love a race, a community or a country without ever having any kind of contact with them - just because our governments want us to do so.

Even after we consume all this, we still have to believe that we can only make a career in engineering, science and medicine. Especially, In India, we do not have the choice to learn music, art, writing, sports or current affairs full time at an early age in schools or at a later stage in colleges.

These limitations do not let a child embrace or discover his/her full potential to make and break things in other fields of creativity and knowledge.

The pressure of getting a high percentile and getting into a good college to a get a mere certification in one of the “respected ” fields often leads to a difficult and unfulfilled life.

Notably, we all can agree that the things that we learn in schools and colleges are hardly of any use in the real life.

A great excerpt from Richard Betts…. “I went and talked to a chef, and I said, ’this is what I am thinking about. I am either going to ask you for a job or I am thinking about culinary school.’ He said ‘Here is the deal. You can come here today, and you can ask me for a job, and I will say, ‘Yeah, great. Here are the potatoes. Get Peeling. Or you can go to culinary school, spend two more years of your life preparing spending $30K - $40K a year in bills to be there, then you can come to me and ask me for a job, and I’ll say,’ Yeah, sure. Here’s a big pot of potatoes. Get peeling.’”

Why can’t schools be more practical in nature rather than being theoretical, why can’t we learn humanity, kindness, self-defense, and equality?

Why can’t we let children learn and enjoy school? A great example is that of schools in Finland, the world should take inspiration from Finland and follow their footsteps and adopt the same system.

Adding gasoline to fire, in India, we also have a caste system that leaves a majority of the population that comes under the open caste to fight and compete for a very limited number of seats. The debate sometimes is lost over the gender equality debate.

We all somewhere deep down have not pursued our talent or curiosity in the fear of getting neglected from the society and schools. Imagine if we had an option of choosing what we wanted to explore more in our schools, even if we would have failed or not been one of the greats, we would have been satisfied and fulfilled, and pursued something more passionately in what we find meaning in.

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