Ban Domestic Animal Dissection in Schools

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It is common for biology students to experience dissecting. However, there is a particular case in the universities like UP in which they target domestic animals like cats. Not only are their lives being taken away but they are also deprived of space and freedom to breathe fresh air. It is not really necessary to include dissection in the curriculum of Biology especially since it is constantly done in many schools every year, which may become the a cause of animal extinction.

The problem in our topic is that schools such as UP and Marist uses domestic animals for experimentation or dissecting in their science related subjects. We adhere to the statement that domestic animals shall be ban in using these types of purposes. Rats and guinea pigs are fine yet the domestic types such as dogs, cats and others is not. It’s one way of animal cruelty in our part. There are many other ways that students can be taught about the anatomy of an animal that does not involve taking innocent lives.

Since every year, domestic animals are being dissected, one solution we thought of is to dissect human cadavers instead. Another solution is that, due to the advancement of technology we can make a substitute to a living animal. Instead of killing and killing animals why not create a substitute that can be passed down to other aspiring scientist. For example the Digital Frog 2.5, DissectionWorks CatWorks and many more. Wherein scientist dissects animals using digital software. Not only do they expand their knowledge regarding while doing this experimentation but also find out new ways to look at an individual organism.

So we are asking you to sign this petition for the betterment of our treatment to animals even though this is just one step in order to help the problem.

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