Abolish the LANTITE Test for student teachers

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These tests have been very stressful and overwhelming for a lot of student teachers. These tests are NOT a measure of a teacher's academic abilities! Student teachers need to be heard, we are NOT robots and standardised test are NOT an effective measure of success! 

A lot of student teachers are in their final year of study, yet cannot graduate due to LANTITE. On top of the stress of passing these tests, we have to pay a ridiculous fee just to take these tests! 


Student teachers all over Australia believe these test should not be for student teachers in their final year of study or student teachers who started before these test were mandatory!

that is unfair and has impacted student teacher's emotional and financial wellbeing.  

Please, ACER and the Department of Education, 

with over 2,500 followers on Facebook, we urge you to look at the pain you have caused us! https://www.facebook.com/groups/949153258438375/

we hope you take this into deep consideration, you have our lives in your hands!