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Princess Atuan started this petition to Department of Education

Education secretary Leonor Briones signed a memorandum of agreement last June 21 with Korean ambassador Ki Jae Shin to formalize the inclusion of the Korean language in the Special Program in Foreign Languages (SPFL) of the Public high schools in the Philippines, along with removing the Filipino subject in both public and private schools.

 Filipino or Tagalog as a language then becomes more “other” than other languages (English, Korean for examples). In this context, we now see the unfolding of a very precarious situation for the advancement of the Filipino languages triggered ironically.

 As said by Jae Y. Geronimo

·         The South Korean embassy in the Philippines also hopes to strengthen the implementations of the Korean language “in order to better respond to opportunities for local and international employment and to facilitate studies in Korea for select Filipino students”. If we learn Korean language for the sake of employment for other countries we will be a feeder of other countries. This will lead to brain drain in our country.

 Indeed the Filipino language is now under threat and on the defensive. We now find it hanging in the balance courtesy of those who are supposed to be bearers of enlightenment but who have unwittingly betrayed it.

 1. DepEd should not dwell much on learning Korean Language

  • ·         To preserve our National language and identity
  • ·         To stop colonial mentality

·         To focus on training students to speak in English which is our universal language rather than adding Korean language as an elective language.

2. Should make a program for Filipinos who is willing to learn Korean language

  • ·         To reduce the cost of manpower because they will hate people who knows to speak Korean language. Why not use the fund to help the marginalized people.

 3. DepEd should not mandate students to learn


  • ·         To save those students who live in scarcity not to pay more on tuition fee in school
  • ·         To help students reduce their burdens and help them focus on their major subjects.

Filipino language is our identity as a nation. Without it, we can never be called Filipinos. This is our way of communicating with each and every Filipino, most particularly with our friends, classmates, and family. Let us do a way with using Korean language. Using it as our means of communication does not give us the identity in the advent of globalization. Let us use our own, the FILIPINO LANGUAGE.

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