A Tribute to Instructors and Teachers.

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Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions.

Teachers and instructors are indeed one of the vital cogs in shaping up and molding students to be responsible and productive citizens of our society. We owe our profession to them for they played a big role in imparting us the necessary knowledge, wisdom and skills we need to carry out our duties at work and even in our home and in the community we inhabits. They are great motivators too, for with their leadership and unending guidance we were be able to buck all the odds and challenges that blocks our paths.

They also provided us the inspiration that keep us moving and going, toppling the rigors of burning the midnight oil with sheer perseverance and persistence. They are sometimes frightening but that is just okay since we learn to keep fear at bay and dwell well with pressures. Their blank stare is a telltale sign that we did something wrong and we need to correct them. Great motivators they are indeed, their passion and compassion steer us well in overcoming seemed unending assignments, quizzes, recitations, seat works, research works, projects and tests or examinations.

Another sentimental graduation song "Farewell".

They are ready to give guidance when a need for it arises. They give us the uplifting nod every time we meet the set standards. They also serve, as a brother or a sister, and their empathy are always on the wings ready to give comfort amid troubles or difficulties. They can also be likened to our dear parents, always keeping an eye on all the things we do inside the four corners of the room, ready to give corrections with our mistakes and rip apart any bad behavior on our part.

Education is indeed one of the priceless possessions one can acquire. Aside it can neither be bought nor be borrowed, it is also one of the best things one can inherit from his or her dear parents, and teachers or instructors made this possible. Yes, the lowly paid teachers and instructors, who always exhausts their energy and uses vast talents to the hilt just to let us learn how to crush ignorance with sheer might and fervor.

If we obtained the much-coveted diploma especially the ones that we acquire in college and eventually become professionals with our chosen endeavors. We owe what we have now to them, a little shade lesser compared to what we owe to our beloved parents. I hope in the days ahead, I think it is worthwhile to pause a bit from the hustle and bustle of life for few minutes, and pay some tribute to our hardworking and determined teachers and instructors reminiscing them about how they infused us the necessary things we obtained with so much passion, with so much wit and with so much love. Alas, I think it is also worthwhile thanking them with … with so much passion , so much wit and with so much love too.

Kudos to all Graduating Students.