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As the neighbours and near neighbours of No. 11, 5th Str. Linden we object to rezoning of the property to residential 3 making allowance for 7 dwelling units.

Complaints and Objections:

This rezoning will be detrimental to the whole area of Linden but especially the near neighbours surrounding the development. This drastic change will have both short and long term consequences.

1. Short Term

Whilst the contractor and his team is on-site we as the near neighbours will have an increased security risk to our families, pets, properties and possessions. It is a well-accepted fact that theft and burglaries increase when construction work is in progress. These acts of crime are very often accompanied by severe acts of violence against the residents of the property burgled.

Where we would normally be secured by a neighbour’s security measures and presence, this security is lost as contractors generally do not make allowance for increased security expenses, such as patrolling guards and / or intrusion detection systems on the building site. This then creates an avenue of access to the neighbouring properties.

2. Long Term

2.1. Property Values
High density housing will negatively impact on the values of neighbouring properties and as a whole de-value the properties of the surrounding area.

No building plans have been shared with the community but as this is a 1700 m2 property having 7 dwelling units on the property will mean a sever increase in noise pollution to the direct neighbours and add to the devaluation of the neighbours properties. Depending on the final finishes the development can also have a negative visual impact to surrounding properties.

2.2. Traffic Issues
5th street is one of the main feeding arteries to Beyers Naude and is carrying very high traffic volumes. Already trying to cross the street during peak traffic times are very difficult and as neighbours we can attest to very often severe speeding of vehicles on 5th str. Adding 7 units will increase the number of vehicles vying for the same space by 10 to 16 vehicles.

This proposed development is close to the corner of 5th str. and 5th ave. This intersection is a ‘blind’ corner and as neighbours we can attest to people speeding through the turn into 5th str so that they can ‘catch the robot’. Increasing the traffic volumes, and the number of still standing vehicles as they wait to access their property, severely increases the risk of an accident happening.

2.3. RY-MA-IN Independent Living Centre For Quadriplegics And Paraplegics
The residents of RY-MA-IN uses 5th street. They travel to the local Pick N Pay on their electric mobility scooters and wheel chairs. There is no adequate sidewalk constructed for their use, thus they use the street. The issues mentioned in 2.2 increases the risk of an accident happening to one of the residents of RY-MA-IN

2.4. Infrastructure Load
Adding 7 units will increase the load on an already old and struggling infrastructure network. We are already experiencing frequent power outages in the area. We also have constant notices of water outages as the existing infrastructure is failing and require constant maintenance. We use approximately 150 -180 litres of water per person per day. Assuming 3 people per residence this adds 94 000 to 113 000 litres extra needed per month. This same amount of water then needs to be treated by the local waste water treatment facility increasing the load on very often undersized facilities.

2.5. Rain Water and Storm Damage
The natural ground level of the erf in question is such that storm water run-off is in the direction of the neighbouring properties on 4th street, Linden. Building 7 units on this property will result in very little green areas remaining. With most of the storm water deposited onto roofs or paving, the properties on 4th street will now have to contend with a massive increase in flood water.

2.6. Environmental Impact
As residents of the greater Johannesburg we are proud of our ‘man made forest’ with all of the tree’s planted in Johannesburg. Linden and the surrounding suburbs have some of the oldest trees in the Johannesburg area. Contractors generally clear and destroy all trees on the property before the development can continue. This will leave a major scar in the Linden environment and sky line. This can be proven by the townhouse development on ERF 11/541 & 12/541 and 1/315 & 2/315 in 5TH Street where none of the existing shrubbery and trees where kept to provide screening and privacy.

Generally speaking, new properties in linden is built on property sizes of 500 – 800 m2 erf sizes. Building the proposed 7 dwellings on 11 5th str. will result in approx. 240 m2 per dwelling. This high density development will not only negatively impact on the property values of the direct neighbours but also have a negative impact on the society and environment as described above.

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