Create more fishing-free marine reserves around New Zealands coastline

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New Zealand has some of the most extraordinary  and fascinating marine life that we Kiwis take for granted. Fishing, diving and going to the beach are popular activities that Kiwis enjoy from from January to December and from Cape Reinga to Stewart island. However, our marine ecosystems are highly fragile and must be protected for the worlds benefit. We already have a number of marine reserves around the country but we need more. We need larger protected areas and we need more of them. 

The importance of our oceans to the stability and continuation of life on earth is something that most people are unaware of. Over 50% of the oxygen in our atmosphere comes from the photosynthesis of microorganisms in the ocean called Phytoplankton. The other 50% comes from terrestrial plant life,  of which populations are decreasing rapidly. These photosynthesizing microorganisms not only provide the world with oxygen but they provide food for animals such as Krill and various species of shellfish. These plankton eating organisms are food for a huge proportion of marine animals from small reef fish to Blue Whales, the largest living creature on earth. 

New Zealand’s marine ecosystems are no different, each organism ranging from the smallest Phytoplankton to Humpback Whales rely on each other and the conditions of our waters and coastlines for their survival. We must then protect them with more than our best efforts. This petition is  to show our leaders and our people that we want and we need more marine reserves and larger marine reserves put in around our beautiful and fragile coastline. We must protect the seas of Aotearoa.