Ban 1080 Poison

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The use of 1080 is a pesticide using sodium fluoroacetate which is a contentious issue in New Zealand. New Zealand currently spends at least $8 million annually on 1080 poison, poison kills not only pests, but also native birds and wildlife such as kiwi. It is a cruel method of pest control and may contaminate the ground and waterways. In June, West Coast man Ryan Fitzmaurice lost his pet Labrador which died after eating a possum that had 1080 in its system. The possum had been poisoned by a drop near his home.

Commercial 1080 was commonly colored with 0.5% nigrosine and sold as a compound containing >90% sodium monofluoroacetate, to be mixed with foods at 2226.0mg/kg in preparing baits, or dissolved in water at 3756.0 mg/L for poisoning drinking water in indoor control of rodents

The reason New Zealand Medical Officers of Health report no concerns with 1080 is that they have failed to do the appropriate diagnostic investigations and the following adage applies to them−"If you don't know what to look for, then you probably won't find it". 30 yrs later we still have no decent chronic toxicity human data or really understand the human kinetics of this chemical in healthy adults, let alone those with any concurrent chronic illnesses and most significantly Beasley and colleagues failed to do any measures of mitochondrial toxicity from this mitochondrial interfering toxin, hence we are none the wiser about its safety. Given the "scientific ignorance" of those who proclaim human safety when doing aerial drops near water supplies in the West Coast, Whanganui, Coromandel, Levin, Hutt Valley and other regions of New Zealand and the real lack of safety data, especially for NZ's most vulnerable human populations, our unborn, young and old and those with chronic illnesses, one really must question whether it is ethical to use such a poorly studied chemical from a human health risk perspective. The native flora & fauna are replaceable. TB ridden cows are replaceable but the future health of our children & our most vulnerable is not. " I nga wa o mua" − The past informs the present. " Foresight should be sought as hindsight is dearly bought"

Humans are also at risk if they ingest 1080.

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