Regulate beauty treatments and professional Titles, and Stop free product demos from being labeled professional services

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     The public is  being sold massages, hair styling and beauty treatments by unlicensed, untrained people who title themselves with beauty therapist titles etc. This is happening by MLM companies offering free facials, and large corporations offering beauty services for required purchases and donations, individuals, and unqualified utubers and bloggers trying to sell their product and make a name for themselves. These "gurus" are selling themselves as a pro. This roundabout way of titling is done to  deceive the public into trusting they are trained professionals. This is negatively impacting family owned salon and spa owners, independent cosmetologists, estheticians, massage therapists, and all qualified professionals by diluting client pools, confusing customers, and devaluing professional services by offering them for free when in reality its a product demo, or an unlicensed individual practicing outside their scope. This devalues the professional industry of cosmetology and similar professions and simultaneously deceives the public into believing they are getting a professional service by a qualified expert, and sometimes causing damage along the way. 

     Because the law states you cannot charge for services unless you are licensed to perform services, the self acclaimed "beauty gurus"( who are often non trained people) present themselves as an industry professional offer clients free facials,, massages, hair styling, cosmetology services, and even skin treatments like chemical peels. In reality it is not free, there is  a required purchase,  or there is a required donation. Sales people should be allowed to do free product demonstrations for sales, but not under the guise of being a professional and providing professional beauty treatments. Lets stop allowing the public  to be deceived and deviating people from the real profession of cosmetologists, estheticians, massage therapists and other professionals.

   If corporations want to offer cosmetology services, that's wonderful, but they should have to employ a licensed professional. people that call themselves beauty therapists should be required to be licensed professionals, because any person can be out charging and calling themselves professional and providing cosmetology treatments, yet they are not regulated or trained on sanitation, protocols, and standards as licensed people are. Unlicensed untrained bloggers and utubers are confusing the public that they are the trained professional beauty gurus,  Anyone can open "spas" and call themselves beauty therapists, and this leads to untrained people crossing into cosmetology and esthetic services, yet not adhering to professional standards. We need to protect the titles of beauty therapist, professional makeup artist, beauty guru, cosmetician and the like. When a licensed professionals license says skin care specialist, or cosmetologist any person that wants to should not be allowed to title themselves the same or in a similar way.

     We can further regulate this by having sales people call themselves product reps or sales reps,and not allowing anyone except licensed professionals to title themselves as beauty specialists (even in round about ways), and by calling product demonstrations what they are: a product demonstration. Unlicensed people should not be allowed to perform services for required donations or purchases. A free service should be exactly that, a free service. Anyone who wants to charge for these services, and title themselves in any type of beauty therapist way should need  to be licensed and regulated by the same state boards that the professionals are required to adhere to.

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