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Farmers are the backbone of agricultural nations like india and china etc.,,

But,why is india facing farmer deaths more than the other nations.

major causes of farmer deaths:crop failures,indebtness,drug abuse,poverty,etc.,,Farmers tend to migrate from villages to cities for employment to clear their debts.If they fail,they are forced by themselves to commit suicides.

39,553 deaths recorded in past 3 years from 2011-2014. Inspite of Rs.10,000 crore package to farmers in maharastra ,death toll is rising.This clearly shows that deaths cannot be prevented by means of subsidies in the fertilizers,clearing farmer's debts by the government,construction of houses for them,by providing fixed rates for goods, etc,,.. like temporary measures.

Today,Farmers need more economic stability more than environmental stability.

One stop solution to contain all the major problems is "GOVERNMENT FARMERS" just like government teachers and doctors etc,,.

Today india is facing major problems due to  like

  • rapid urbanisation
  • farmer deaths
  • raised sexual abuse against women,children
  • pollution
  • food scarcity
  • poverty
  • unemployment
  • population explosion

It is a vicious cycle that is explained by the following way:

Due to lack of periodic and timely monsoons,crop failures and thereby farmers are caught in debts leading to migration of the farmers,rapid urbanisation,increasing slums,improper sanitation,raising epidemics and raising antibiotic resistance,food scarcity,inspite of large piles of mountains of food on one side,rising prices of goods and eventually lead to massive burden on the government. To say clearly,Burden is on the people by the way of taxes etc.,

  • Rapid urbanisation leads to increased sexual abuse,poverty,pollution which led to Nirbhaya case,odd-even rule and many more in Delhi and other metropolitan cities.
  • Because of poverty,population explosion by the means of three or more children in a family is also rising.

we are thinking majorly on the tertiary prevention.i.e., The thing ,should not be happened, has already happened and the preventive measures to limit the burden and social disabilities,inequalities.

  • Ex:Pollution and rapid urbanisation has already occurred and odd-even rule in delhi
  • recently,we fought for the improper judgement of Nirbhaya case and capital punishment.

There is ONE STOP SOLUTION to all the above major problems of india.i.e.,,

  • RECRUITMENT OF THE FARMERS BY THE GOVERNMENT TO WORK IN GOVERNMENT LANDS under MONTHLY WAGES TO FARMERS. Instead of spending lot of money on their welfare,If government spends on the wages of the farmers for farming in government lands,farmers get more economic stability.
  • Government should recognise the lands which are more productive and should appoint the farmers to other places containing better lands, if their land is not so productive.

There are many uses for all the people in india.

FOR FARMERS: decrease in farmers deaths,debts,increase in economic stability

FOR GOVERNMENT: Rise in productivity leading rise in GDP,exports of the goods,increased stability of the economy etc,,.Reduced burden on the government.

FOR ENVIRONMENT: Better pollution control by way of decreased urbanisation,decreasing pollution by growing crops.

For the SOCIETY: Decreased population density,decreased crime rate,decreased slums,epidemics,decreased death toll even in case of terrorist attacks,natural calamities,stability of the population explosion.

So,for the welfare of the society and better sustainability of the mankind in the future, we should take care of the farmers who occupy the major part in the indian economy.If we fail to save them, Definitely,we have to search them in the internet for their existence in the very near future.


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