Give lorry drivers clean, working toilet facilities that meet minimum standards

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Give lorry drivers clean, working toilet facilities that meet minimum standards

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Blue Arrow started this petition to Patrick McLoughlin (Department for Transport)

For many lorry drivers, simply going to the loo is an ordeal – an ordeal faced on a daily basis.

All across the UK, public facilities have closed down. At service stations, toilets for lorry drivers are often in a state of disrepair. That’s if they’re even open.

Meanwhile, private companies – in some cases, companies that drivers are delivering to directly – are refusing access to their toilets.

Not being able to go to the toilet for long periods of time is a serious problem. It’s painful and uncomfortable – not to mention dangerous. And a lack of basic hygiene can be harmful for drivers as well as the general public – let’s not forget that they transport and handle everything we use, every day.

And it's easy to forget just how vital lorry drivers are. It's no exaggeration to suggest that the UK would come to a grinding halt without them. 

But, nearly 65% of the UK’s LGV drivers are 45 years of age or older. New drivers are desperately needed, and the industry faces an unprecedented crisis. How do we attract young people to an industry that can't even offer them a clean toilet?

How will signing this petition make a difference?

The Department for Transport are legally obliged to 'maintain high standards of safety and security in transport'. When lorry drivers can't use toilet facilities at service stations, truck-stops or the businesses they deliver to because they're either closed, dysfunctional or unhygienic, road safety and security is compromised for everyone. It's a simple as that.

We believe it therefore falls clearly within their remit to take action. And by signing this petition, you're prompting them to take action.

What do we want from the Department for Transport?

We want a set of unambiguous minimum standards for lorry drivers' toilet facilities to be created and enforced.

With the help of Gillian Kemp, founder of Truckers' Toilets UK, we've created a statement that reflects the minimum standard all facilities should meet:

'Any toilet, shower or hand washing facility should be available 24 hours a day. It should be clean, well-maintained, appropriately stocked and have suitable lighting and non-slip floors. Separate toilet and shower cubicles should be available for both male and female drivers, and shower cubicles must never be communal.'

Here is a list of what we want and the minimum standards we propose. 

  • Easy access to toilets at the companies visited
  • Clean, well maintained toilets at the companies visited
  • More facilities along routes – motorway services not enough
  • Provision in laybys – need to look at ways of developing vandal resistant facilities and sage parking

Minimum Standards



MINIMUM: Any toilet, shower or hand washing facility should be clean, well maintained, appropriately stocked and have suitable lighting and non-slip floors.

Toilet Cubicles

IDEAL: One female; one male; one unisex

MINIMUM: One unisex

Toilet Rolls

IDEAL: Full toilet roll in a locked holder with spare available if required

MINIMUM:  Full toilet roll on or in locked holder. Spare available on request



IDEAL: Locked canister of soap with clean outlet ie not bunged up with gunge

MINIMUM: Bar of soap kept clean without dirty splits and regularly replaced


IDEAL: Paper towels in locked casing regularly checked and a bin regularly emptied

MINIMUM: Hot air dryer

Water Taps

IDEAL: Hot and cold water and plug

MINIMUM: Hot and cold water (plug carried by driver)


IDEAL: Hot and cold water, good flow (not a trickle); shelf for soap/gel/shampoo; shower curtain; clean water outlet; towel rail close by; mirror; bench for clothes; lockable door; lighting; non slip floor; separate male and female cubicles

MINIMUM: As above but unisex; single use not communal

Additional faculties in toilet cubicles

IDEAL: Shelf; hook; sanitary bin

MINIMUM: Hook and sanitary bin

Additional faculties in toilet area

IDEAL: Lighting; shelf; mirror; female sanitary products dispenser

MINIMUM: Lighting; sanitary bin


  • All drivers should consider carrying (1) their own plugs [although not all basins accept ‘standard’ plugs] and (2) a mirror
  • Female drivers are advised to carry their own sanitary products

Sign and share this petition to show that you care about the welfare and dignity of lorry drivers. 

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This petition had 3,952 supporters

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