DCLG must improve its unworkable pension proposals for firefighters

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DCLG must improve its unworkable pension proposals for firefighters

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Department for Communities and Local Government ([DCLG])

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Started by Ted Nuff

The government has continued its attack on firefighters’ pensions and is imposing changes that mean:

1.   The normal retirement age for firefighters is set at age 60. This decision was taken despite our concerns and our presenting of a significant amount of evidence showing this is to be unworkable

2.   The majority of firefighters now pay almost 15% of their salary into their pension scheme, only to get less after retirement. Firefighters pay over £4000 a year from a salary of around £29,000. This is  becoming unaffordable and is pricing firefighters out of their pension scheme

3.   Firefighters are facing a real threat of dismissal as their fitness declines due to simply getting older. The government is ignoring our concerns that a significant number of firefighters will be sacked as they are unable to maintain the safe fitness standards required to perform their role

This is not the deal firefighters signed up too.

In simple terms the government is proposing a scheme which does not take account of firefighters’ occupational demands. It remains unaffordable, unworkable and unfair. Not only is it a totally inappropriate scheme it puts the public and firefighters at risk.

In short firefighters are expected to PAY MORE, WORK LONGER and GET LESS.

Unlike the devolved administrations, where improvements have been offered, the DCLG has refused to acknowledge any of the issues that firefighters have raised.

The FBU remains committed to resolving this long running dispute through negotiation and is available to discuss any improved offer.

This petition demands that DCLG reconsider its attacks on the firefighters’ pension scheme and present an improved proposal for firefighters to consider.


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This petition had 13,929 supporters

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