No Home Depot at the Globeville/Sunnyside light rail station

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Denver metro residents call on Mayor Michael Hancock and the Denver City Council to place an immediate moratorium on any development other than transit oriented development that includes housing at the Globeville/Sunnyside Station (41st & Fox St - pictured). It has come to our attention that a Home Depot is being considered for this site. Taxpayers have invested billions of dollars to grow our city in a sustainable way, which means housing development at our light rail station areas not big box, auto oriented retail. Denver is in the middle of an affordable housing crisis. We have a 32,000 unit housing unit deficit and growing (source: Shift Research Lab). This location is within easy walking distance of downtown and it is possible to live here without owning a car. When households can spend less on transportation, more family budget is available to cover housing costs. Five hundred acres of land have been identified between I70 and the Barnum Yards along the I25 Valley Highway for possible redevelopment. We demand that this land be preserved for transit oriented development that includes affordable housing and prioritizes walking, biking, and transit. Big box retail will create a traffic nightmare at this location and work against every goal we’ve set for our city’s growth.