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Throw your trash WHERE IT belongs

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Do you wonder where your small candy wrappers go to? It is unlikely that a small piece of wrapper the size of a thumb can bring about many damages to our environment. Small candy wrappers tend to damage areas where we live, work and where children play. It can come in many different ways and mainly because people can sometimes be rather careless and negligent. Who does it?  Well, a lot of times we see someone driving ahead of us, toss an empty to-go cup out of their window.  Or it could also be someone crumbling up a receipt and missing the garbage can outside.  It could even be a young child that may not know any better, carelessly dropping candy wrappers on the playground.  Some do it by mistake without realizing it, and unfortunately, some simply are too careless and purposely throw trash out of their car window, or just toss an empty can across an open field.

The Philippines alone has 1,355,236 items of trash in oceans alone in the year 2010. With the presence of trash in unwanted ecosystems, it has brought severe effects on animal and plant life. According to Ocean Crusaders, over 100,000 marine animals and 1 million sea birds are killed by plastic garbage every year around the world. And the number is not climbing down anytime soon. If we continue this rate most probably future generations would not be able to enjoy the Philippines exquisite and diverse fauna and flora. Are we to just going to wait until it would happen or are we going to do something about it?


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