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"Stop the cruel act of Deforestation"

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In the Philippines, deforestation is a major problem causing lots of destruction not only to the environment, but also to the people, climate, live stocks etc. We know clearly well that deforestation is the act of destroying forests where animals inhabit,lost of trees that cause global warming and other effects caused by climate change.

In 1990 to 2000 the Philippines lost a third of its forest according to FAO and the rate gradually increase due to illegal actions. Whats disturbing is that the methods they use can damage surrounding such as burning trees, wood cutting etc. The burning creates smoke that is dangerous to human respiratory health and other health issues.

Lost of species are directly connected to deforestation because some species that inhabit those forests have nowhere to live. Deforestation causes global warming due to the fact that the trees, who are suppose to absorb CO2, are now decreasing and the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere increases and CO2 mostly carries heat thus causing the atmosphere to stay warm and this in turn causes  climate change.

Soil erosion also increases in rate due to the fact that there are no supporters supporting and holding the soil in place. This effect causes death as rainfall can weaken the ground causing landslide where people can be greatly affected.

I'd like to request the DENR to take full action on the said problem. If no action is taken place now then Philippines as we know it will come to end because the people and species that inhabits the Philippines benefit a lot from these trees and if they are lost due to human actions, the Philippines is doomed.

Simple projects such as tree plantings, using influences to stop deforestation, seminars for the people to educate them about the dangers of deforestation and effective use of media can lessen the  deforestation in our country.

From a concerned citizen.

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