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To leaders of the Democratic party: Democratic and progressive voters want:

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1. A national plan. (a)
2. That plan is to reform government to be the ally of working people. (b)
3. Help working people by government support programs only where needed. Help them mostly by making work pay more, and by policies that favor working people. (c)
4. All hands on deck. Democratic elected office holders and Democratic candidates all-in on a massive, unified, vocal insistence on big change. (d)
5. Keep pushing social justice issues too, even more so. (e)
a. Leaving Congressional elections up to just local issues isn't enough. A clear national message is needed.
b. "Working people" meaning almost everyone. Those looking for work, and working people, and the extended circles they support; their kids, their students, their seniors, their disabled family members, etc.
c. Help by way of policies like: Helping the number of unemployed workers get lower so workers have more leverage on wages. A war on wage theft. Prosecute executives of companies who abuse employees or customers. Pay employees for jerking around their schedules. And a hundred more.
d. The PR for the recent Democratic "Better Deal" was almost invisible. We need convincing messaging, like every Democratic member on the Congressional steps in support, like a new bill loudly submitted every other week against the latest assault on working people.
e. Equal treatment for minorities, LGBTQ rights, women's equality, care of the environment, and more. Persist now more then ever.

Notes to you, the Democratic or progressive voter. This petition is a message primarily to leadership, but it also has some messages that we voters need to tell ourselves:

* Patches aren't good enough. The system is broken, so we progressives get lured into pushing for things that will help, like expanding which working people can get food stamps. Those are patches on the broken system. Patches aren't good enough. Aim higher. We want a fixed system, where no job pays so little that it needs food stamps.

* The solution is to reverse the thousand rules. Some problems may need government support programs (health care) but most of what holds working people back are the literally thousands of laws, rules, and standards that are biased against working people. We need leadership dedicated to not just changing a few, but turning back that entire tide. If that happens, we will have the jobs, pay, and respect we need to build our own good lives, and to build an improved nation.

* Envision: Some think we need a radically different economic system, which is something to be debated for the future, but right now we can have an economy that is great for working people by just one radical change. The extreme bias toward the investor and owner class, which is riddled throughout our laws and rules, needs to be radically reversed. Decades of bias toward investors needs to be replaced with a bias toward working people. Not to be against investors, but so that the typical job can support a middle income life. An economy like what the '50s and '60s were for white men, only this time for everyone.

* Finally, be prepared. If Democratic leadership doesn't do its job, some other progressive, firebrand, 3rd party that's willing to do the job will need our help.

Extra info, more policy examples:
* Track which companies have bad track records on employee treatment and don't give them government contracts.
* Allow employees to band together in suits against a bad employer, rather than forcing each to negotiate an arbitrated settlement.
* When an employee wins a case against an employer for wage theft or abuse, investigate to see if the employer does that to others.
* Make it harder for companies to shed pension obligations via bankruptcy court.
* Hold big corporations responsible for their franchise and employment-agency workers.
* Official policy is that when unemployment reaches 4.4% the brakes are put on the economy, supposedly in fear of inflation. Bull. Japan has 2.8% unemployment and almost no inflation. Let unemployment go lower so workers have more leverage.
* Corporations that repeatedly prove they can't be trusted to treat their employees or their customers within the law should be forced to sell to new owners, with any personal profit subject to restitution.
* Allow suing financial advisers who lead retirees into wasting more money on fees than they needed to.
* End nursing homes requiring contracts that prevent seniors and their families from suing for mistreatment.
* End non-compete clauses that make it illegal to go to work for a competitor. Should only apply to very high level positions.
* Dig into the details of any agency affecting work or consumers and you'll find a thousand more.
* Even while the thousand changes take time, a serious commitment to do so sets a new direction. That is the most important first step.


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