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It is time that harsh penalties are given for all animal abuse / cruelty cases. It is not acceptable that "slaps on the wrist" be given to those that have caused pain and suffering to animals in their care.

Those of us who have signed this petition demand that authorities step up and show abusers that this treatment will not be tolerated. Excuses are not good enough.

According to various news reports  (see links below for full reports) a 67 year old farmer has been charged with numerous animal cruelty acts and is due to appear in Kempsey Local Court on Monday, 16 July 2018.               

A vehicle was spotted towing a box trailer early in May 2018 along the Pacific Highway near Clybucca. It was the contents of the trailer that shocked motorists who took photos which helped lead authorities to an Aldavilla property. Strapped down in a seated position with what appears to be just a few tight ropes to the floor of the trailer was a cow. Sadly, reports said that a deceased calf was also inside the trailer.

Photo of cow in trailer can be viewed in both links below.

From The Land newspaper........ 
The man was charged with conveying an animal unjustifiably inflict pain and being in charge of an animal fail to provide vet treatment (x2).

From Camden Haven Courier ........."The matter was reported to police and an investigation commenced."

"Rural Crime Investigators from the Mid North Coast Police District attended the man’s Aldavilla property and further located two dead cows inside a machinery shed and two other cows in a poor condition.
Police located the cow that was previously in the trailer deceased on the property, along with a deceased calf from the cow.
The cow and calf were transported on sealed and unsealed roads for about one hour. It is reported that the calf had died prior to transporting.
As a result, the RSPCA were notified and the two remaining cows were euthanised on site."



 Petition by Tracey Dengate & Leanne Green. Awareness in Australia & Animal Awareness Worldwide.

Photo credit Pixabay.com