Demand Adam Derrickson's Plea Bargain Be Denied

Demand Adam Derrickson's Plea Bargain Be Denied

December 3, 2021
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Started by zkevin Killian

On the night of July 6th, 2021, Adam Derrickson attempted to rape my stepdaughter Bianca Gardenia Diehl.  Despite our family’s pleas for justice, Adam Derrickson is due to be sentenced to just 30 days in county jail this Monday December 6th.  The decision to release this information was not taken lightly.  While we normally frown upon airing dirty laundry this issue has gone far beyond a family problem and is now a case of general public safety for the entire local community.

The details of the case are as follows:

On the evening of July 6th, Bianca decided to stay at the home of her sister Ithzia Diehl and her boyfriend Adam Derrickson.  Adam went out drinking at a couple local bars while the girls stayed home with each of their young son’s while talking about Ithzia & Adam’s relationship issues.  Although Adam said he was only going out for one quick drink, when he was still not back home at 1am, Ithzia messaged him to tell him to sleep in the other room as Ithzia, Bianca and the children would all be sleeping in the master bedroom together.  As was planned Bianca slept there for the evening, however sometime around 3:30am she was awoken by Adam Derrickson groping her vaginal area.   She told him to get off of her, but instead he pulled down the bed sheet and took off his pants.  Adam Derrickson then began to masturbate next to her while watching something on his phone, possibly pornography.   Despite being told several times to stop, Adam Derrickson then pinned her down to the bed with his penis on top of her.  At this point her sister Ithzia awoke and yelled at Adam Derrickson who then ran away to the other room and pretended to pass out while be berated by his girlfriend Ithzia.  

In a confrontation a short time later in the kitchen, Adam Derrickson confessed to molesting Bianca while she slept on a video that is attached to this statement.  

Approximately ten days later, Ithzia Diehl asked me to take her son flying as he had not yet been up with me in an airplane.  I asked Bianca if I could also take her son so the boys could keep each other company.  Bianca said it wasn’t a great idea and that the she was having issues with her sister.  When I persisted to know what the argument was about that prevented me from taking the boys flying, she told me about the attack and allowed me to watch the video of Adam Derrickson’s confession from that night.

I immediately drove to his home to confront him.  He was inside watching his twin brother Brad Derrickson play video games. Also watching was Ithzia Diehl who at first warmly greeted me and then her smile froze when she saw I was accompanied by her sister.  I asked Adam if he knew why I was there.  He repeated “I fucked up” several times before confessing that he pulled out his dick and was masturbating on top of Bianca.  When I pressed him further, he admitted to pinning her to the bed and groping her vagina.  When I asked him if she ever once indicated that she wanted to have sex with him, Adam Derrickson said “No.”  When I told him that meant it was rape, he protested and said it really wasn’t like that, but he failed to explain how it really was that didn’t make it rape.

At that point his twin brother, Brad, attempted to intervene telling me that I couldn’t talk to his brother like that. I told Brad he had two choices, “Sit the fuck down or to get the fuck out.”  Brad got nose to nose with me saying “I’m not scared of you” to which I replied, “That’s because you’re stupid.” He then continued to mutter “I’m not scared of you….” To himself as he tucked tail and left the house.

I returned my attention to Adam Derrickson when Ithzia interrupted me saying, “Its ok. I forgave him!!!” as if that magically made everything ok. Because if Ithzia forgives her boyfriend trying rape her sister then we all have to pretend like it never happened.  I informed Ithzia that she is nothing but a golddigger who stays with a scumbag rapist because she cares more for her fake Instagram lifestyle of cars she doesn’t own and houses that aren’t hers over having her sister’s back when it matters the most.

After telling Adam to stay the fuck away from my family or face dire consequences, I left with Bianca.  I thought that was then end of it.  To my surprise two night later while riding my motorcycle home from the gym, a silver Subaru BRZ with custom license plates “Ayyy Mami” tried to run me off Route 113 right before I arrived home.  This is Ithzia’s car and I could only surmise that Adam was driving it.  I was able to avoid the collision and pulled my motorcycle into my driveway and ran into our home to warn my family about this additional attack.  The car then did a burnout in front of our home before peeling out and racing away.  Bianca called her sister who after initially lying and saying Adam was at home and asleep that it was indeed Adam and I deserved it for making him mad.

At this point Bianca decided to involved the police.  

I must say that the Worcester County Sheriff’s Department performed an excellent investigation.  They were extremely thorough and supportive during the entire process.  They obtained a warrant for Adam Derrickson’s arrest, however someone tipped off his father, John Derrickson, about the impending arrest and Adam went into hiding.  His attorney contacted the police and said that Adam would surrender the following Monday.

In a meeting with the county prosecutor, Pam Correa, Bianca was told about the charges Adam Derrickson was facing including, felony SEX OFFENSE THIRD DEGREE, felony ATT 2ND DEG RAPE, felony SEX OFFENSE THIRD DEGREE, misdemeanor SEX OFF 4TH DEG-SEX CONTACT, misdemeanor ASSAULT-SEC DEGREE misdemeanor SEX OFF 4TH DEG-SEX CONTACT and misdemeanor ASSAULT-SEC DEGREE.  The prosecutor asked what type of sentencing Bianca would like to see to which Bianca stated she would like to see Adam Derrickson actively serve AT LEAST six months of active incarceration with several more years of prison time hanging over his head while on probation with mandatory sex offender counseling.

Bianca was subpoenaed for an initial trial date of November 10th.  That date was scrubbed for continuance.  No further contact was made from the prosecutor’s office.  No additional subpoenas were sent out.  It wasn’t until we looked the case up on MD Case Search that we saw that a new court date was set for this coming Monday December 6th.  We contacted Detective Vicki Martin who handled our case.  She knew nothing about a court date and had not been subpoenaed.  After multiple calls to the prosecutor’s office, we were finally called back by a clerk and informed us that Monday would be a reading of the plea bargain.  When pressed further about the details of the plea bargain, we were horrified to learn that Adam Derrickson will only be sentenced to 30 days in county jail.  We demanded to speak with Prosecutor Pam Correa but were told we’d have to wait for a callback.  When she finally did return our call, Pam Correa said that she believed Bianca was ok with this low-level of sentencing and ultimately the decision lies with the State on recommending a sentence, not the victim, so there isn’t anything Bianca can do about it but if she would like to come to Monday’s court hearing she can read a victim impact statement so long as she submits it in writing prior to the hearing for approval.  To say we are disappointed with the Worcester County Prosecutor’s Office would be an understatement.  We feel they have intentionally kept our family in the dark as to their backroom discussions on cutting an easy deal with the son of a prominent local business owner.  The prosecutors told us they were seeking a sentence of 6 months of incarceration and then without any heads up agreed to an easy 30-day sentence and never even bothered to tell the victim that a deal was signed and that the court date was in a few days.  This is a complete and total failure by the Worcester Country State’s Attorney office. 

Ladies & Gentleman… this isn’t justice.  Adam Derrickson is nothing more than an Eastern Shore Brock Turner, a rich white boy whose wealthy daddy bought his freedom so he could avoid any real consequences of his actions.  Adam Derrickson will learn nothing from this and will be free to reoffend again in just a short time.  Our family’s only hope is that the judge will reject the ridiculously lenient plea bargain and demand a stiffer sentence than a mere 30 days for assault and attempted rape.

Please watch the attached video of Adam Derrickson’s confession from the night of the attack and click the following link to view video of him confessing from that evening.  

Then PLEASE SHARE this post so the whole world knows what a vile scumbag Adam Derrickson really is.

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Signatures: 841Next Goal: 1,000
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