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Kangaroo Culling in EPPING on Friday night 25/8/17

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On Friday night august 25th 2017 the Department of environment,land, water and planning in assistance with the police barricaded the corner of coopers street and edgars rd opposite Epping's wholesale market for the shooting of over 300 kangaroos. There were 6 carloads of shooters and a truck present to take their bodies away. These kangaroos had joeys in their pouches.They were fenced in so that they couldn't escape and were fired upon to death by Australian Government workers. A couple of months ago when there was an incident about someone evil having shot a kangaroo three times and dressed them up leaving them on the side of the road the delwp to quote stated "This is appalling and immoral behaviour and we are urging anyone with information to come forward."
DELWP said anyone found to have unlawfully killed protected wildlife could face fines from $7,500 to $36,500, or be jailed for six to 24 months."

But yet they have been allowed to cull these poor innocent animals without any punishment. Given regional Victoria is richly, wide and vast in unpopulated land we would like these kangaroos relocated rather than be shot by guns to death, the world travels to Australia to see our kangaroos and koalas as they are native to us, it is wrong that we are hunting them down especially when it is ordered by the Australian government. It should be DELWP's duty to ensure that these protected native kangaroos do not get severely sick, it should be their duty to enrich the land where they are with food, clearly the department is making sure that these kangaroos starve by abandoning the land completely. Surely they can be relocated to a national park or simply be left where they are in peace, they are harming no one except the people that want $$$. What we don't want to see is any mistreatment or revengeful act take place towards these supposedly "protected"animals by the DELWP because we humans care for the welfare of these kanagaroos our "coat of arms."



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