Wildlife safe fence for River Pointe!

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On behalf of the concerned residents of Cameron Heights and River Pointe, we are requesting that the developer (Delta Square Developments) of River Pointe, modify or replace the sharp arrowhead style tips found on some of the fencing installed in the common areas along the pathways and backing onto the ravine areas. 

As a natural ravine area and wildlife corridor connected to the river valley, the area is frequented by wildlife.

There have been multiple instances in the past few years of animals trying to jump this fence when travelling through the ravine with at least 5 documented instances (4 deer, 1 moose) in River Pointe alone, of them impaling themselves on this style of fence.  In all these instances, the animals tragically either died or had to be put down by Edmonton Police or Fish and Wildlife staff.  It is entirely possible, even likely, that additional animals may have been injured by this fence that we are not aware of, if they don’t get stuck.

Concerns have also been raised by some residents that these pointed arrowhead-tip style fences also pose a potential safety hazard to children playing near them as they are also installed along some open areas and walkways.

CBC News ran a story on this just a few days ago, see URL attached below.


While we realize that there was no intent on the part of the developer to cause these injuries, and that no bylaw has been violated, given the mounting evidence that they are indeed harmful to the wildlife in the area, we are asking all stakeholders starting with the Delta Square Developments, the developer, to meet with the community board and consider either modifying or replacing the fence so that it is safer for animals and humans alike, as well as stopping further installation of this style of fence in the neighborhood.

To date, all efforts to contact the developer have had no response, including by CBC news.

Other stakeholders we hope to engage are our city councilperson (Ward 5, Sarah Hamilton) to see what they can do to help us navigate this issue and see if there is any appetite to pass a bylaw to ban arrowhead style fence tips from being installed by future developments along wildlife corridors like the ravines in Cameron Heights and River Pointe.

Thank you for your time, and we hope you will consider sharing and signing this petition to help get a safer fence installed in our community!

UPDATE Nov 14, 2018.  Another Deer caught on the fence and put down today,  the picture on the petition is a photo taken by a River Pointe resident today.  So now 5 deer, 1 moose.  Still no response from Delta Square that we are aware of.