Organizing a Class Action Lawsuit against Dell for Defective Batteries

Organizing a Class Action Lawsuit against Dell for Defective Batteries

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Derek L started this petition to Dell

Dell XPS laptop owners worldwide are stuck with seemingly defective batteries with no resolution. These defective batteries are swelling up, lifting up trackpads, possibly affecting other hardware components, and are a potential safety hazard. Dell refuses to take any responsibility for including faulty hardware components and will not offer any type of resolution. It is completely unacceptable for Dell to turn their heads away from fixing these massive hardware issues affecting premium laptops that cost $1,500-$3,000.

Dell needs to assume responsibility for replacing the defective batteries at no cost to the consumer. This multinational corporation should NOT be leaving consumers in the dust.

I am a Dell XPS 9550 owner who, along with MANY others, received a battery that is inherently defective. I have never had issues with swelling/bulging batteries from any other company. In 2017, Dell sent the following email to some Dell XPS 9550 customers addressing the battery issue:
Dear Valued Dell Customer:

This E-mail is part of our commitment to proactively notify customers of important product quality information. Dell has recently noticed that certain customers who purchased the Dell XPS 9550 and/or Precision 5510 system(s) may experience a battery swelling or bulging.

According to our records, your Dell System(s) may be impacted by this issue. As part of a proactive effort, Dell would like to offer to replace the battery for each affected service tag identified below.

Service Tag(s): XXXXXXXX

If you would like to proceed with this solution, please go to enter in the affected service tag(s) listed above, and follow the prompts.

Please read all instructions on If you have difficulties filling out the site, then please forward this e-mail to Our colleagues will get in touch with to arrange the next steps.

If you decide to take no action at this time, we continue to stand behind the warranty or service contracts applicable to your product. Impacted batteries can be replaced through the standard support process during the applicable support or warranty period. Please reference XXXXXXX

If you need assistance or have any other questions please contact Dell Tech Support. Dell provides several online and telephone-based support and services options. Availability varies by country and product, and some services may not be available in your area. To contact Dell for sales, technical support, or customer service issues please visit and select the contact method that best suits your needs. Please reference XXXXXXX if in regard to this notice.

As a valued Dell customer, we are committed to enhance your experience with Dell. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.


Dell, Inc.
These battery issues are widespread and have a negative impact on many Dell customers.  Dell is only concerned with generating more revenue by charging diagnostics and repair fees for these batteries.  Dell has no regard for the risk they are causing due to these batteries being a safety hazard.


Some customers were able to receive replacement batteries while others did not receive the email even though they were affected. I did not receive this particular email, but heard from someone and was able to find out that my service tag was affected. Dell replaced my laptop battery in late 2017. I am just finding out now that the replacement battery shares the same issues as the previous batteries. After explaining the issue to Dell, they say that there is no issue with the battery and suggest that it's a natural result of using a consumable item. This is NOT true. The batteries have issues and hundreds, if not thousands of us are facing the same issue.

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At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!