Internet Freedom/Logical Blocking

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Internet Freedom/Logical Blocking

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Hello Sir/Madam,

Recently the World Cup 2014 kicked off, and Sony MSM seeking refuge under it's exclusive telecasting rights, straightaway, without a thought, made a list of several websites, and got a Delhi HC Judge, Justice V. Kameswar Rao, to block them all.
Even he passed the law, without even verifying what is 'actually' on those websites.
The list included several file hosting sites, sharing sites, URL Shortening sites and even an online Document processing web service i.e. Google Docs.

Now I know that Sonyis concerned about their streaming, but for that reason, how can they be allowed to block whatever they want.

Example 1: Millions use Google Docs for thir processing needs. All of a sudden, it's blocked without a reason or consent, and no one can access their stuff.

Example 2: and are link shortners, people just put a very long link into it, and shorten it for easier sharing purposes. Not every link shortened is Sony's property. But they are allowed to ban it somehow.
It's like bombing an entire city just to kill one terrorist. How is this allowed?

Example 3: File sharing sites like bayfiles, mega, freakshare, everything has been blocked. Same example goes for this one as above. Blocking everything for everyone just to save 0.01% of it all.

Recently, that list was actually looked at and more than 250 websites were unblocked. No explanation, no action against the judge for beselessly blocking them in the first place either.

Please look into this bizzare and paranoid plea by Sony and also take action against the judge for passing a law without even verifying the facts stated by Sony, so that in future, Internet laws would be taken more seriously and this sort of dictatorship doesn't come into effect.

Wikipedia is flooded with examples of a random order by a random judge to ban a list of websites, on order of a private organization, not the government, and without a warning.

This sort of unthoughtful law not only spreads anger among the common people, but even goes against previous laws (Eg: In 2012, Madras High Court orders which blocked only URLs referencing web pages with illegal content, rather than entire websites)
This kind of abuse of power & forced censorship needs to be stopped!

Yours Thankfully

Vipul Jain

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