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 " Retirement age of teachers increased in Madhya Pradesh from 60 to 62 years"

All of us students have a right to be students to experienced, old and kind teachers, paying so much of fees in Private as well as government schools.

For any reason, if teachers in Madhya Pradesh can work upto the age above of what is allowed, then why can't other teachers of India?!

If Madhya Pradesh can see its teachers and professors work upto the mere age of 65; why can't Delhi, or India as a whole? After all, students at the senior school level need experienced and senior teachers. What becomes the obstruction for people of age 65 to work in Delhi if nothing does in Madhya Pradesh?

1) The government should consider the issue of raising the retirement age of school teachers upto 65 and also ENSURE THAT PRIVATE AS WELL AS CONVENT SCHOOLS FOLLOW IT.

 2) it should be valid for TEACHERS WORKING SINCE TIME BACK and NOT JUST for those who've started teaching since a given year!!

So let us students and teachers all come together and support this petition for the betterment of students, teachers as well as all other employees. 

"These days it is difficult to find good teachers. The policy of increased life expectancy suits working of teachers till the age of 65."


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