Ban single-use Plastic Bottles from vending machines at TU Delft!

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Delft University of Technology is a prestigious university around the world. It is a leader in innovation, with a sustainability focus in every study programme they offer. Many students who come to TU Delft, hail from countries where there is not enough focus on recycling or even sustainability. The Netherlands, on the other hand, has a ton of recycling initiatives and are efficient in waste management. Apart from imparting world-class education, the university should also instil this culture in their students, starting from its campus facilities.

The university campus provides students with diverse options for beverages and food, like multiple vending machines in its 38 different buildings. However, as students we believe that there shouldn’t be access to single-use plastic bottles in the vending machines across the campus. There is no need for these bottles, especially if there are better alternatives that are already being implemented like Join The Pipe bottles and refill stations. In the case of soft drinks, aluminium cans are already sold. This could inspire many other areas where plastic around the campus could be reduced, making TU Delft the first zero-plastic campus in the Netherlands.