Give Us A Traditional Graduation Ceremony, Not A Virtual One

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Imagine going to college and putting forth all your effort to earn your degree, and all of a sudden you were robbed of the opportunity to have a traditional graduation ceremony because of the Coronavirus .  Well that sucks.  Colleges are now forced to figure out what to do with the graduation ceremonies since the country is quarantined.   Obviously the Coronavirus  was something we did not plan for.  Some colleges are postponing the Spring 2020 commencement to a later date in the fall when the Coronavirus will be gone hopefully.  All students deserve to have a chance to “walk” if they chose to.  Some students like myself, are the first in their family to go to college so, “walking” is a huge deal. Graduating is an achievement to be proud of.  Please DO NOT rob the Spring 2020 graduates of a normal graduation ceremony, postpone it and reschedule for the Fall of 2020 after the coronavirus is gone.  Postponing the ceremony would at least give the graduates the chance to “walk”.  Having an In-person Ceremony is what college students dreamed of and prepared for.  Having a “Virtual Graduation” is NOT the dream we had.  Please  postpone it.   What did we do it for if we cant feel the excitement of hearing our name and walking up and grabbing the “degree” surrounded by our family, friends, fellow classmates, and instructors.