Make the RSPCA accountable

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We appeal to the Defra to make the RSPCA regulated and accountable and demand the following;
1) Simplify the red tape in the AWA 2007, too many grey areas which the RSPCA take advantage of.
2) Appoint an independent ombudsman to deal with all complaints against the RSPCA
3) Stop the RSPCA from dealing with everything In House and in secret.
4) Boarding facilities used by the RSPCA to be inspected every six months by an independent body
5) Owners to have the right to see their un-signed animals in RSPCA care and to have their own vets inspect. This presently doesn’t happen without the RSPCA putting obstacles in the way.
6) RSPCA must be stopped from prosecuting and raiding rescues as they have a vested interest in doing so, so will never be impartial.
7) Put the RSPCA on the same level as every other animal rescue. They are ALL charities.