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I'm a mini pig owner. 

When i first rescued my pig, i thought she was a micro pig. I thought she'd stay small and healthy.

I was wrong, she kept growing... And growing.. And growing! As a first time pig owner, i made several mistakes and needed the help of more experienced owners. I reached out to them over several social media sites. I soon learned the biggest mistake i'd made.

There are only two types of pig. Farm pigs and mini pigs. There is no such animal as a micro pig! Even the mini pigs will grow for the first five years of their life and can reach sizes of up to 200lbs or even more in some cases! Whilst this is still small compared to farm pigs.. This is in no way a micro animal. I began to question.. How is it such a large amount of people believe this myth? And why are some micro pig owners adamant they exist? 

I then checked the official website in the UK.  . The term micro pig is openly used and there's even guides on how to care for your micro pig.

I emailed them to ask they change this terminology as it's misleading and would no doubt lead to a rise in full grown mini pigs needing re homed. I was dismissed with a very simple explanation.

DEFRA stated to me that all pig owners must be able to easily find their website. If somebody searches for micro pig then their website is one of the first search engine results. They won't change it for that reason. But this isn't the end of my concerns with DEFRA. 

If you're a pig keeper in the UK, you must be registered and have a CPH number in order to legally keep them on your property. Once you're registered you will recieve visits from DEFRA agents to ensure they're being properly cared for, both legally and for the well being of the animal.

And yet there is one massive problem with this.

Most, if not all of the "micro pig" breeders in the UK openly advise their customers grossly incorrect feeding advice. This is to ensure their pigs stay small. They are giving advice that ensures slow and painful starvation and premature death. 

DEFRA have stated that micro pig breeders use selective breeding to ensure the pigs stay small. 

The fact that these breeders are promoting incorrect feeding advice appears to be acceptable and legal. 

I'm asking you to help me change this. I want DEFRA to change their terminology so as to prevent any more people believing in this myth at the cost of an animals health and life. I want micro breeders to change to mini breeders and start giving correct feeding advice. 

I'm asking you to help me stop animal cruelty. And to get the organisation that's supposed to be educating and protecting these animals to set the example. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. And an even bigger thank you for signing.

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