Its time for Tough and Responsive Punishment on Animal Cruelty.

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 In 2018 The UK and Scottish Governments both agreed to introduce five year maximum sentences – but the law still hasn’t been passed down to the courts. The current animal cruelty sentence is neither a punishment nor a deterrent, so we need you to join us and support the campaign.

Defra secretary Michael Gove announced in the vet times tougher jail terms – up from a maximum six months term of imprisonment – following a public consultation on the subject, which showed strong support for stiffer prison penalties. He continued to state that this law will be Fast-tracked.

Fast-tracked statement - Michael Gove

Government officials have promised the new, higher maximum jail tariff under Section 32 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 will be: “….available to the courts as soon as possible. The necessary legislation will be brought forward as soon as Parliamentary time permits”.

Meanwhile we wait..

Currently sentences in England and Wales are the lowest in Europe. In France the maximum is two years and in Germany it is three.

Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Justice UK, Sam Gyimah, pointed out that the average custodial sentence for animal cruelty was about three and a half months.

RSPCA Chief veterinary officer James Yeates says people are not only being deliberately cruel, but "in disturbingly inventive ways." Our inspectors now investigate more than 149,000 complaints of cruelty and neglect every year.

League Against Cruel Sports chief executive Eduardo Goncalves stated: "If we don't offer a serious punishment to animal abusers then they will continue abusing animals."

There are wider issues too. There is a substantial body of evidence that animal cruelty offenders also commit other serious crimes. A study carried out on behalf of the NSPCC found the children of pet abusers were more at risk of neglect or abuse themselves.

It is evidently clear from all the animal cruelty we see on social media networks and petition sites that its escalating and is a result from the current sentences been available to courts to punish animal abuse not being adequate, perpetrators of cruel acts towards animals just receive a slap on the wrist. "If we do not properly punish these people then as a society we are essentially legitimising abuse against animals". So let's get this into proportion and let the punishment for abusing animals truly fit the crime.

Until the courts get serious about crimes like this and start handing down jail terms, such wanton cruelty will only continue.

Jail is not going to stop it entirely, since some humans can never be deterred from barbarism. But decent members of society will at least have the satisfaction of knowing.

To, Defra secretary Michael Gove

We call for TOUGH punishment on all Animal Cruelty. We want Manditory 5 year minimum sentences for first time animal abuse offenses. We want this law passed onto the courts for Immediate effect on Tough, Harsh and Realistic sentences. Contvicted offenders to get a Manditory Life Time Ban from owning any animals. Create an Animal Cruelty Register thats open to anyone Selling and Rehoming animals. We also call for the Tough response on Animal Cruelty to extend to Farming - Factory Farming - Hunting  - Animal Testing - Animal Shelters - Pet Stores - Zoos


You can also Help change the law on Animal Cruelty by taking a couple of minutes to fill in your details in the link below, you will be asking your MP or MSP to support an increase in the maximum sentence available to five years in prison.