Clear Shane Tressler's Name of Wrongful Accusations and Charges that led to his Death

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Shane Tressler was wrongfully accused and charged for acts that he did not do.  After his death the Defiance County sheriff's department and judicial system drop the charges but his name has not been cleared.  Shane was told he was looking at jail time for something he did NOT do which led to push him over the edge and commit suicide. 

In July 2017, Shane and his girlfriend of 6 years broke up but remained good friends, and amazimg father to her children. So on July 7th, 2017 Shane met a girl, Lori Drewes,  on the Internet, took her on a date and that girl brought another couple (Eugine Bartley and Latoshia Rabourn) with her who ended up being cousins but faked that they were dating so that they could set Shane up to take all his money at the bar, steal his car, his phone and in the process they beat him to a bloody pulp and he ended up in the hospital. Lori Drewes took off running and was never even in the Officers statement from that night. Latasha Rabourn amittited to punching a pole, to her friend, and broke her arm so that she could tell the judge that she was defending herself against Shane.  Shane has never laid a hand on a woman in his life. Eugene Bartley took a beer bottle to Shane's car window and Shane's head, leaving a huge hole, and when the officer asked him if he was OK, Eugene said he was fine and was let go without any questioning. Latoshia Rabourn was the only one who went to court over this matter and she lied! Shane laid in the ER for a day with black eyes, a neck brace and blood everywhere. On saturday, Officer Strausbaugh, called Shane in for questioning.  Shane's statement was the truth, however he was charged and looking at time in jail.  But when the officer was told they only had 2 people out of the 3 in the paperwork from that night and what really happened he dismissed anything Shane had to say. The Defiance county sherriff office thought that Shane was on a date with this Latasha which was incorrect, had Lori nowhere in the paperwork and let Eugine go without questioning. Shane had his cell phone stolen that night, his car destroyed, keys broken, and his name ruined.  On Sunday July 9th 2017, Shane Tressler took his own life.  Once the Defiance County sheriff's office was informed they dropped the charges, however, When his mother and other family members tried to talk to the sheriff about clearing his name in the paper, they were denied. They agreed to meet with the family to discuss the case but it was only to bring a suicide hotline team in.  Shane's family gathered more evidence and more proof than the sheriff office did and every day his mother calls and every day they refuse to call back or talk to her, she has even wrote the prosecuting attorney's office and finally received a letter stating that there was not enough evidence to get the justice Shane deserves! Shane's mom has been patiently waiting for a year for her son's name to be cleared of something he did not do. Shane is not here to defend himself, so we are!  All we are asking for, is that the Defiance county sheriff's office open the case to get the correct information and put charges on the correct persons for this wrong doing on that Friday before Shane died. Shane's toxicology reported that he had nothing in his system at the time of death. He was being accused of such wrong doing, jail, and his name and business was at risk and not one Defiance County Officer is willing to help do the right thing!  A year has gone by and we are still fighting to clear this nightmare up! THANK you to all who sign! ♡

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