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Defend Nebraska Values. Support Renewable Resources.

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Right now, the Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) Board of Directors is deciding where Nebraskans will be getting electricity for the next 20 years—and they are asking for our advice. NPPD is hosting open houses in April and May to gather input on NPPD’s future electrical generation options. The decisions NPPD makes will determine whether Nebraskans get electricity from imported coal, or from Nebraska made renewable energy, like wind. It is crucial NPPD decides to invest in renewable resources; but the NPPD board will only make that decision if they hear support from us.

It is our job as young people to define our future. NPPD is asking for our advice and it is time to give it to them. Let's tell the NPPD board we want to see NPPD generate 30% of its electricity from renewable resources by 2020, and commit to long-term renewable energy generation.  

NPPD’s recently released report, “Diversity is our Strength,” describes where NPPD sees our future electricity coming from—and it’s not all that different than today. They have outlined three steps to take for Nebraska’s future electricity generation:

1.    Continue using coal

2.    Invest in long-term emission control equipment for coal plants

3.    Increase the power generated using nuclear fuel

NPPD’s idea of “diversity” is continued dependence on coal. But, the price paid for coal has been steadily increasing the past few years, doubling between 2007 and 2008, and projected to increase 18% by 2020.Unfortunately, this doesn’t even reflect the true cost of coal. Air pollution from coal plants is known to cause negative health effects such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and lung cancer.

Tell NPPD you don’t want to pay the costs of a coal-dominated energy plan.

Only 4% of NPPD’s electricity generation comes from wind, and while 30 other states, including most of our neighbors, have set strong standards to develop renewable energy; NPPD has only set a goal of 10% by 2020. As Nebraskans, we can do better than that. Nebraska ranks near the top in the nation in wind, solar, and biomass potential, yet NPPD doesn’t seem motivated to pursue development of these resources. Building new wind power capacity now costs less than the construction of new coal power plants, and promotes economic growth by creating jobs. Nebraska’s wind, solar, and biomass potential means tens of thousands of jobs would be created from the harvesting of these resources.

Tell NPPD you want the benefits that will come with renewable resource development in Nebraska.

NPPD claims it is “dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for Nebraskans now, and in the future.” But they have made it evident they are not taking our future seriously. If NPPD fails to double their investment in renewable energy, then they will not meet their stated mission. Missing the opportunity to invest in wind and biomass will come with economic, health, and environmental costs that we, as young people, will pay the most for.

Help me tell NPPD we want a healthy, sustainable, and economically thriving future. Sign the petition telling the Board we want 30% of NPPD’s electricity generation to come from renewable resources by 2020, and that we expect a long-term commitment to renewable resources. 



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